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PACE RSC Tyres - The Run-Flat of the Future

As technology advances, vehicular safety becomes more of a priority, with improved airbags, better headlamps, superior braking systems, and effective navigational and parking assists. However, tyres, which carry the most responsibility regarding safety, comfort, and efficiency, have seen some of the most significant technological breakthroughs, starting with Run-flat tyre or RSC tyres.

While conventional tyres feature a design that requires drivers to change the tyre in the case of a puncture immediately, run-flat tyres allow drivers to continue driving to reach a tyre replacement centre or a secure location where they can safely change the tyre.

Although many RSC tyres are available, not all offer the safety, security, and advanced technology of those designed and manufactured by PACE.

PACE Tyres - The Brand

PACE, first established in the UK in 1907, has over 100 years of experience and development, leading to the brand earning a reputation for delivering some of the most high-quality products globally. Today, PACE tyres are available in over 90 countries, including the US, Canada, UK, Australia, and several EU regions.

In collaboration with leading UK tyre distributors, GreersTyres and Tyrepower, PACE sells over 3.5 million tyres annually. The brand, noted for its safety, security, and comfort, has become the foremost choice for RSC tyres worldwide, providing products and services to even the British royal car fleet.


What are RSC Tyres

RSC, or Run-flat System Component technology, is a unique system that allows the driver to maintain control of the vehicle in the event of a tyre puncture that causes a loss of pressure.

Since conventional tyres require air to maintain pressure, drivers end up with a flat tyre when a puncture occurs. This means the driver cannot adequately drive or control the vehicle with a flat, and the tyre will need instant replacement.

Unlike conventional tyres, run-flats come with a reinforced sidewall, which allows them to maintain their original structure and remain rigid even when air pressure is lost in a puncture.

This reinforced outer shell ensures the tyre's rubber components stay in place without air pressure, allowing drivers to maintain control of the vehicle on the road and safely navigate to a location where they can have the tyre replaced.


Introducing The PACE RSC Tyre Series

PACE offers drivers a series of RSC tyres in both its Alventi and Impero ranges.

The brand's Alventi tyres offer unrivalled driving comfort, noise-reduction technology, exceptional grip, and a broader tread design that ensures increased contact with the road surface to improve handling and control while offering fuel efficiency.

PACE's Impero offers drivers the ideal high-performance, low-noise urban tyre. Designed with noise-cancelling technology and improved tread for increased drainage, these are superior tyres for those who often drive in wet conditions.

These tyre ranges both come as RSC tyres that provide exceptional support and deliver a wear-resistant design. PACE's RSC tyres also feature technology that encourages fast heat dissipation and keep heat buildup to a minimum.

In the event of a flat tyre, PACE's RSC design ensures drivers can easily reach safety, with the tyre delivering the ability to support continued driving for up to 120km, provided they maintain a speed of no more than 80km/hr, providing drivers with improved distance coverage and control.


What Makes These Run-Flats Stand Out from the Rest

While PACE's RSC tyres offer comfort, style, and exceptional handling, they stand out for their unique design that delivers safety, improved control, and excellent distance coverage in the event of a drop in tyre pressure. So, let's look at precisely how PACE achieves this.

Improved Tread Rubber

PACE introduces an enhanced tread rubber that delivers increased wear resistance (wear-resistant index of 420、500) on the tyre, allowing drivers to safely travel further on a tyre puncture.

A New Genesis of Low Heat Generation Base Material

These scientifically advanced tyres utilize a novel base material designed to generate less heat, resulting in decelerated sidewall ageing and reduced delamination.

The Fourth Generation of Support Rubber

The unique support rubber PACE employs incorporates a distinctive compound and advanced technology that works to reinforce the outer shell's rigidity. This advanced material and its application ensure safe driving even in situations of low air pressure.

Ultra-Low Heat Generation Rubber

Working in conjunction with the unique support rubber is ultra-low heat generation rubber. This material is designed to meet the stringent requirements outlined for heat generation in RSC tyres, allowing for longer safe-driving distances even with zero air pressure.


Reinforced Bead

PACE employs a distinctive reinforced tyre bead, which delivers exceptional resistance to tyre bead deformation and compression, effectively preventing bead detachment during driving. This feature adds to the overall defence of the tyre against the loss of pressure, enhancing sustainability and safety while on the road.

The Benefits of Having Pace RSC Tyres Fitted

PACE's RSC tyres offer many benefits for drivers, including safety and fuel efficiency. Since run-flat tyres allow drivers to continue on their journey until they can reach the nearest tyre fitment centre to replace the punctured one, they prevent the need to pull over on dangerously busy roads or in secluded areas to try and change the wheel.

Another advantage of this is that drivers embarking on long-distance drives won't need to keep a spare tyre with them, effectively reducing the weight of the vehicle and fuel consumption and making the vehicle more fuel-efficient overall.

Lastly, when a conventional tyre receives a puncture, this often results in a blowout which can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle and result in a road accident. Since run-flat tyres maintain the tyre's shape and pressure even with zero air pressure, the driver won't lose control of the vehicle or damage the wheelbase of the car and can continue driving.


PACE's RSC tyres ensure drivers experience unrivalled road safety and fuel efficiency. In using the latest technological advances and design, PACE tyres allow drivers to safely maintain control in a blowout and reach a destination securely.

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