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PACE Attended AUTOPROMOTEC 2019 in Bolonia, Italy



On May 26, 2019, AUTOPROMOTEC 2019 in bologna, Italy came to a close.
PACE presented various kinds of all-steel radial tires and semi-steel radial tires.


  • Modern asymmetric design, outer longitudinal grooves to reduce aquaplaning risk, leading to safety on wet conditions.

  • Inner inclined grooves to increase lateral grip and reduce noise , leading to outstanding traction & riding comfort.

  • Improved lateral rigidity at high speed with hight levels of handling.


  • Modern design and premium high performance tire provides sport trucks , SUVS, and crossovers with superb handling.

  • Confident all–season performance , consistent wear and smooth , quite ride.


  • Apply to : Regional and ON/OFF Road

  • Five pattern longitudinal groove design, the block adds S-shaped sipe, providing good handling performance;

  • Increase the heat dissipation sipe on the shoulder to effectively reduce the shoulder temperature and improve the durability;

  • The pattern adopts variable pitch design to effectively reduce running noise;

  • Special design of tread formula, low rolling resistance, saving fuel and reducing consumption.